Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 1, the fans they were convinced by this Season Premiere?

Cinema 17 November, 2016

After months of waiting, Season 6 Teen Wolf was finally back on our screens. What thought fans Season Premiere? Discover their immediate reaction on Twitter!

mtv-teen-wolf-saison-6-season-premiere-reactionIt was time ! The absence of the Teen Wolf series was becoming untenable. These episodes are synonymous Sain grail for fans of the series that await them for many months. In addition, this sixth season is the last of the TV show, which increases its intensity and our expectation. The first episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf was broadcast last night on MTV and you can already see our criticism . The Ghost Riders have left no chance to Stiles and sincerely feared the worst for the next episodes. If the Drafting melty, we were fascinated (and crying) during the episode, thought that the fans of Teen Wolf Season Premiere of this? It’s time to find out their reactions on Twitter !
This Season Premiere Season 6 of Teen Wolf has put eyeful and fans were conquered. They simply found explosive and according to them, he announced a crazy season! On Twitter , reactions were many and we found some reviews. @Debowrahh Tweeted: “Damn it’s hot the first episode of #TeenWolfFR #TeenWolfFinalSeason, it’ll be a season whore: D” . Moreover, a strong feeling was felt by all the fans and it’s sadness prevails. @IkrameAmr Commented: “It broke my heart when he told Stiles Lydia #REMEMBERILOVEYOU #TeenWolfFinalSeason”. @emeline_stn has meanwhile tweeted: “I have not cried as possible in the first episode is going to be anything other #TeenWolf #TeenWolfFinalSeason #TW” . 1 This episode was really poignant and strong emotions. Stydia the couple was finally put forward and it has filled the fans of happiness to quickly withdraw. @gouzypatate has also perfectly describes this first episode that announces a high-voltage final. To summarize, we remained in shock as @obrodenjh. Pending more information, see the video promo of the episode 2 of season 6 of Teen Wolf ! And you, what did you think of this episode?