Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 10, Stiles ready to join Lydia in a new excerpt

Entertainment 29 January, 2017

The return of Stiles will finally be done in a few days in episode 10 entitled “Riders of the Storm”. Discover a poignant extract between Stiles and Stydia for his great comeback …
We can say that the writers of Teen Wolf were able to keep fans in suspense for the return SPOILER in episode 9 of season 6 of Teen Wolf you can find our review . It is at the very end of the episode that we finally find Stiles! Or almost because the shadow that one sees at the end is undoubtedly that of the best friend of Scott but nothing still certifies it. The return of the character is much awaited by the fans who are waiting for that. And we can say that the flashbacks thanks to the memories of Scott, Lydia and Malia did not leave the fans of the series indifferent, especially the heartbreaking Stydia scene that is at the base of the opening of the passage in order to recover their friend. But is it really Stiles in this famous white light? If one believes the latest excerpt released by MTV , we can finally say that yes, Stiles is back and ready to meet friends!
In this excerpt, we find Stiles facing the passage that opened thanks to the memories of his friends but especially thanks to that of Lydia who especially noticed that she had fallen in love the day she had kissed the young man. “When I kissed you, I kissed you (…) Do not stop, go on. I can see you Stiles” , echoes the voice of Lydia in this sneak peek while Stiles finally through the passage . Is Stiles really going to get through the portal and find Lydia, Scott and Malia? Will Stiles be back to face Garrett Douglas? But what will happen next week in episode 10? In any case, this final winter is likely to be epic between the return of Stiles and the fight against the Ghost Riders and the Nazi werewolf. A little patience, just 3 short days to wait … Are you ready for the return of Stiles?