Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 2 SPOILER finally confesses her love for Stiles, fans explode with joy!

Cinema 25 November, 2016

Episode 2 of Teen Wolf was full of twists. The proof SPOILER has finally confessed his love for Stiles. What make fans of the series completely hysterical!

teen-wolf-dylan-o-brien-stiles-saison-6-derniereThe moment everyone was waiting for! If you still have not seen the episode 2 of season 6 in which Scott, Lydia and Malia trying to remember Stiles , we advise you to read more. You are warned! One of the features of Teen Wolf , it’s no surprise the constancy of the characters, especially the main ones. While Stiles is currently missing , it has not escaped anyone that Lydia is that he loves since the pilot episode – or even before. Lovesick, the young teenager has continued to run after the pretty redhead. Unfortunately, one that never made him any love. And as we begin to believe that this love would never end mutual , Banshee then said in this week’s episode, “Overlay” : “I looked all day, and no matter who it is I think I loved him … ” speaking of Stiles! As you can imagine, this statement hints has been a bombshell among fans who were quick to react to hot on Twitter .
And we must admit that this statement certainly comes at a bad time (Stiles is missing, he has not heard), but it was nevertheless necessary. Jeff Davis, the creator and showrunner of Teen Wolf , assured that there would be more Stydia this season, and until then, we served. You can not find ? While Theo is back and Malia in great danger in a new video promo of Teen Wolf , we could only melt before the declaration of Lydia. The two teenagers are meant to be together, we have always known and Lydia is in the process of awareness. It only remains to hope that when they find Stiles, will be able to say what she really feels about him … Small step for the series, the events in episode 2 enabled the characters to make a real leap. And that’s why we love Teen Wolf , its ability to constantly surprise us. Remember, MTV France resumes playing of season 6 of Teen Wolf tonight! And you, what do you think of Stydia?