Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 3, Scott Stiles on the track, that he is going to happen next week?

Cinema 26 November, 2016

Scott and his pack are on the trail of Stiles! Will they remember their friend? Find out what will happen in episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf!

teen-wolf-season-6-saison-6-episode-3-6x03Who says Friday said appointment with our favorite werewolf! MTV France has released episode 2 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. We saw Scott, Lydia and Malia try to remember Stiles . But the Ghost Riders will not make their task easier. Stiles friends very quickly understood that something was wrong, they felt a void, a real lack. Scott and other members of his pack realized that the victims of the Wild Hunt were not only abducted but were erased from reality. Scott, Lydia and Malia are now convinced that their friend was caught by Ghost Riders in season 6 of Teen Wolf . So they will do everything to find him. Assisted by Dr. Deaton, Lydia was put on the track of “Stiles” but does not yet know that it is the nickname of his friend. Will it soon remember? What will happen next week in episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf ?
In “Sundowning” Scott, Lydia and Malia will visit the Stilinski sheriff … and his wife, Claudia, back in episode 2 of season 6 of Teen Wolf . Teenagers ask for help to the father of Stiles so that it finds the missing person. But the sheriff has no idea that he is his son. Meanwhile, Liam and helped Mason, Corey will use her new abilities to locate the next victim of the Ghost Riders. Scott’s friends try to put that person away but despite the powers of Corey, it will prove more complicated than expected. Besides the Ghost Riders could take revenge on Mason’s boyfriend also in erasing from reality! This third episode will air on MTV France, from next Friday night, from 22:30 and Tuesday night in the US! Meanwhile, do not miss the statements of Jeff Davis about the index revealed the real name of Stiles in Teen Wolf Season 6 . Then the meltynautes tell us all, do you wait to see episode 3 season 6 of Teen Wolf?