Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 4, Scott and Stiles Malia ready to abandon our critical

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Did the Ghost Riders finally won the game in episode 4 of season 6 of Teen Wolf? Discover our review of “Relics”!

Last night in episode 4 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Liam and many students were in danger . Scott and his pack could they protect? Have they found a way to stop the threat? The editorial of melty you to discover his review of episode 4 of season 6 of Teen Wolf . “Relics” opens with Chris Silver, joined by Melissa in the forest. Scott’s mother obviously need training before being expert capable of tracking down supernatural creatures. We do not know you but we, we love their collaboration that adds a touch of humor! They are both victims of the Nazi werewolf as Chris is still there but it’s actually Malia who can not control themselves! The girl tells them when she felt the blood but found no traces of the Nazi werewolf . Anyway, the biggest threat to Beacon Hill are currently the Ghost Riders in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Mason thinks they would use lightning to clear a path and show. Hayden then becomes the bodyguard of Gwen Mason and Liam noticed that there was a lot more lightning strikes recently in Beacon Hill .The detector begins to panic, it is urgent to protect students who were lacrosse party in season 6 of Teen Wolf .
For its part, Lydia finds weak Ghost Riders, some relics of missing persons are not erased and can help them find the victims . If the sheriff Stilinksi seems cooperative, Lydia is stopped in its investigation by Claudia in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . As for Mason, he thinks everyone will be safe underground because lightning will not pass. Silver then puts his bunker available. While lightning strikes are increasing, Gwen is gone. Hurry up. Chris asks Malia babysitter students and offers his help she manages to control himself. Gwen was not taken by the Ghost Riders but refused to go into the bunker. Hayden realizes that his protegee wants to be captured! Meanwhile, Malia tries to calm potential next victims of Ghost Riders but notes that Nathan is missing. At the lacrosse game, Mason was a flash of Hellhound face the beast and remembers Parrish has driven the Ghost Rider. Would it be weakness in Season 6 of Teen Wolf ? He does it come immediately and explain that they need the Hellhound. Everyone is fighting on the ground, Scott thinks the Wild Hunt affects all. The Ghost Riders arrive and are quick to remove high school students. This is too much for that Liam did not hesitate to jump on one of them!
Lydia is wary of Claudia and wants to see her medical records . She discovers that she has never been pregnant but suffered surgeries following frontotemporal degeneration. Melissa admits that it’s a miracle she is still alive in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . When Parrish opposes a Ghost Rider, the latter shoots him which stops its powers Hellhound. Hayden then threw the rider disappears. Scott fails to save Gwen, neither Nathan nor students of the bunker. But Liam did not abandon and starts to become a potential alpha with his own pack. At the hospital, Malia and Scott are almost ready to abandon Stiles to find a way to stop the Ghost Riders. But Lydia wants to continue to seek a relic! Luckily, there is a fair on the school parking lot, the Jeep Stiles! What episode of Teen Wolf ! We are out of breath, “Relics” has not eased the pressure for a second and keeps the mystery around the Ghost Riders. The series forces us to ask a ton of questions and to investigate the sides of Scott, Malia and Lydia. Answers should be us, however data next week in episode 5 of season 6 of Teen Wolf whose synopsis announces the return of Stiles! And you, what did you think of episode 4 of season 6 of Teen Wolf?