Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 5, our criticism, Lydia remembers Stiles!

Cinema 14 December, 2016

The episode 5 of season 6 of Teen Wolf has just been released, so it’s time to discover our critique of “Radio Silence” that left us speechless!
Oh My God, what a shock! Last night, episode 5 of season 6 of Teen Wolf aired and Stiles found Peter . Yes, this episode titled “Radio Silence” was marked by the return of our favorite Stiles. Suffice to say he missed us! The fifth chapter of the final season of Teen Wolf lived up to our expectations. Everything was there to keep us in suspense throughout the 40 minutes. Emotion, passion, action, anxiety, suspense, impatience, sadness and a touch of humor gathered for an explosive result. This episode was very successful and here immediately the details of “Radio Silence” . One enters the thick of the action from the first seconds with the return of Stiles! It seems to be in a station with many people who all act as “robots”. They are waiting for a train, the lifeless eyes. Stiles Why is he the only one to respond and seek answers. When the Ghost Riders enter the room, someone saves the life of Stiles and it’s none other than Peter . Malia’s father says his story best friend Scott and he understands that he has been missing for three months. In talking, they realize that a young person monitors and three of them will try to escape. Unfortunately, this flash character died very quickly, breaking with him the hopes of Peter.
In turn, Scott and Lydia are underway but the banshee is disturbed by the Jeep that lies outside. The pound will recover and will do everything to stop it, even pay hundreds of dollars. Scott helped, though neither has the key and they are still struggling to understand why they are so attracted to this car . Back in the parallel dimension where Stiles is still hopeful and confident that someone will remember him … Lydia, or even Scott Malia. This episode 5 of season 6 of Teen Wolf was really full of surprises. Looking into this place that looks like a train station, it will go to a control room where it will find a radio and will attempt to communicate. Scott, Malia and Lydia are going to hear a noise from the car Stiles. Interference function, however, they are still struggling to understand what it is. Only Lydia believes that all this has to do with Stiles and doubts are reinforced when it discovers that the Jeep address is none other than Stilinskis. She does not waste a minute to get there and obviously, she is not what she came for. Warning emotion sequence since cracks and will sit against the famous wall. This scene is intense and powerful. Banshee and Stiles find themselves sitting back to back, each in a different reality … They do not see, do not get along but the link that unites them is so strong that they always find …
Peter is in turn determined to escape, leaving it to Stiles behind him. He understood that only creatures could pass through the gate, and unfortunately, our hero is a human. Stiles will press the chord, Malia, to make him regret his actions. Peter manages to cross but when he returns to Earth, it is fully burnt and unrecognizable . He screams so loud that Malia, Scott and Lydia fit and found it. The woman recognized the beating of his heart and realizes that Peter is her father, she had forgotten. Even Scott manages to regain his memories. Unfortunately, Peter seems to die but leaves a clue behind him. He has in hand the keys to the jeep Stiles, which allowed Scott and Lydia to start the contact and to use the radio … And what a shock when they hear the voice of Stiles! They finally manage to communicate with him and understand that all this is real. Suffice to say that our heart sank when Stiles Lydia asked “Do you remember the last thing I said to you?” and Banshee replied, his eyes filled with tears “Remember that I love you.” . We remain totally shocked by this scene. This episode was really crazy and filled us even if the tears were not far away. Hopefully our hero will always be present in future episodes of Teen Wolf. Until next week, discover which person will Malia to preserve its identity in Season 6 of Teen Wolf! What did you think of the episode?