Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 7, our critic, SPOILER becomes a Ghost Rider

Cinema 11 January, 2017

It happened in this episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. Scott, Liam and their enemy Theo captured a Ghost Rider. Discover immediately our criticism of “Heartless”!

As we could find out in the promotional video of episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Scott and his pack have tried to capture a Ghost Rider . If their plan was not elaborate at first, their efforts paid off. The more the weeks go by, the more episodes we see. At the same time, this is what we expected from this final season. “Heartless” has really lived up to our expectations, we also offer you immediately discover our review for this episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. The plot begins with a scene quite scary and terrifying that we could discover in a first sneak peek. Theo wakes up in a morgue and is chased by a young woman who kills him. He makes this nightmare a dozen times and he dies at each of them, his heart torn. We discover that he dreams of his sister, Sarah whom he has killed. Malia It is that the fate of his trance by hitting him, she also died . She only wants one thing in the episode, kill him with his own hands but fortunately, Scott and Liam stop him. Moreover, throughout “Heartless”, it is a Malia edgy and on the surface of skin that we find. If Scott wants to bring Theo underground, Liam and Hayden do everything to give him a chance. They tell him he remembers Stiles and may be their best option to save their friend. The werewolf Alpha will grant him this chance but watch moment emotion in sight. Scott warns Liam, “I can not loose Stiles” . This scene took us to the guts.
For its part, Malia refuses to cooperate with Theo and will therefore turn to his father , in which she has obviously no confidence. Scott’s mother will help him heal him and we see that Peter is not dead. She wants to bring her father back where she found him, after escaping the Ghost Riders, with Stiles’ key in his hand. We realize that Malia is also desperate to find him and tells his father that Stiles was “the anchor” . As we have seen, this episode is full of moments rich in emotion but one of the more intense is the scene of the Sheriff Stilinski when he discovers the hidden chamber Stiles . He confronts his wife, who pretexts not to know her and especially, asks him to stop thinking about their pseudo son that does not exist. Lydia his side gradually beginning to understand why the Sheriff is the only one not to remember Stiles, and it is because of Claudia . Stiles’ father simply does not want to see reality in the face, for fear of saying goodbye to his wife. If he remembers Stiles, he will know that his wife does not exist and that this is only an illusion, and he does not seem ready for it. When Lydia finds Noah in this room, the banshee begins to remember the details and confronts the father of Stiles. When she launches her imaginary T-shirt, Sheriff catches and emotion begins to overwhelm the … Finally he remembers his son! Let’s keep our tears. But what will be the destiny of his wife? What secret she hides in Season 6 of Teen Wolf ?
Back to the side of Scott, Liam, Hayden, Mason and Theo. They managed to capture a Ghost Rider but did not know how to communicate with him. They have little time left, since the Phantom Horseman is calling for reinforcements. It is Mason who remembers that Parrish had already communicated with a Ghost Rider before and that he is their only option. Unfortunately, things quickly degenerate and his power surpasses him. He wants to kill him and Scott and Liam are forced to intervene, leaving Theo alone with the Ghost Rider. It was at that time that the Nazi werewolf appeared. Mr Douglas attacks Theo and forces him to break the fate that holds him prisoner. The werewolf enters the cage and said, “It was time.” . What is his story? In any case, he kills and swallows the pineal gland of his brain. This is where a new plot and especially another threat comes in. Mr. Douglas, becomes a Ghost Rider in turn and possesses their powers. He makes a first victim, and Corey pays the costs. He pursues Mason’s boyfriend in the forest and sends him no one knows where … This episode was incredible. He had everything we expected from an episode of Teen Wolf, an intense emotion, a new plot, and above all a touch of humor that we adore in the show. This episode 7 of Season 6 of Teen Wolf is part of the best of this ultimate season and maybe even of the series. Hopefully the next ones follow the same example. If Stiles has obviously been mentioned throughout “Heartless” We regret all the same appeared. Scott’s BFF misses us seriously! Pending more information, see the best pictures of Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) on the set of Season 6B Teen Wolf! What did you think of this episode?