Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 7, Scott’s pack makes improbable alliances, what will happen next week?

Cinema 7 January, 2017

Scott and his friends will be forced to make improbable alliances in Season 6 episode 7 of Teen Wolf? But what will happen next week in “Heartless”.
The episode 6 of season 6 of Teen Wolf marked the return of a star character of the series! Indeed, while Scott, Malia and Lydia learned a little more about the Wild Hunt, Liam released Theo! If the latter is far from unanimous with Scott’s pack, it could be useful. But what about the episode next week? In “Heartless” , Scott and his pack should finally let a second chance to Theo. The latter could be of considerable help to them! Not only does he remember Stiles perfectly but in addition he seems to know a ray of it on the Wild Hunt and the Ghost Riders. He will also warn Liam because his idea of ​​catching one of the riders could prove very dangerous. So we wondered if Peter had died in Season 6 of Teen Wolf , very bad one will find in the point completely burned. Malia’s father sacrificed himself for Stiles and the other victims of the Ghost Riders. However, Malia and her friends will still need him. It is the only one income of the Wild Hunt in Season 6 of Teen Wolf!
Peter is not the only improbable ally the members of the pack of Scott will have. Garett Douglas , Professor of Physical Chemistry and Nazi werewolf at times, also wish to overcome the Ghost Riders in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . His knowledge could also be valuable to Scott and others. As for the sheriff, he will begin to realize that he may have a son. The latter discovered a new room in his house, completely abandoned. This is the room of Stiles! The sheriff will question then Lydia, convinced that he is afraid to remember Stiles. This may be related to his wife, Claudia, whom he is afraid of losing again. But the banshee does not want to give up and do everything in his power to make the sheriff remember, or rather, accept to remember. Appointment you are given, next Tuesday to see the episode in VO or next Friday on MTV France from 10:25 p.m. to find “Heartless” . In the meantime, see if you have to wait a love triangle between Chris Argent, Melissa and Rafael in Season 6 of Teen Wolf. So the meltynauts, are you eager to discover episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf?