Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 7, Tonight Scott’s pack hits Theo in front of the Ghost Riders

Cinema 10 January, 2017

Tonight, Scott will be ready to do anything to save Stiles and Beacon Hills in Season 6 episode 7 of Teen Wolf, even to collaborate with Theo!

Season 6 Teen Wolf returns, this evening, for an episode 7 under high voltage! After visiting Canaan, a ghost town ravaged by the Wild Hunt, Scott is ready to do anything to prevent Beacon Hills from suffering the same fate. So, the werewolf will accept all the help that is offered to him! Tonight, in this new episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf entitled “Heartless” , Scott and his pack will work with Theo, income from the bowels of the Earth thanks to Liam. The chimera is well informed about the Wild Hunt and also remembers Stiles perfectly. This alliance looks somewhat electric! Scott, Liam and others will think to capture a Ghost Rider in episode 7 season 6 Teen Wolf but Theo will think that this is a very bad idea. But what about Garrett Douglas, aka the Nazi werewolf, who will work with the pack of the true Alpha for the Wild Hunt? One thing is certain, Scott may have an impact on learning the true identity of the teacher of physics!
If Theo knows a ray on the Ghost Riders, our werewolves will need the lights of Peter. The latter was their victim, as Stiles! He surely saw or heard something that might help Scott find the fault of the terrible riders of the Wild Hunt. As for Lydia, she will try to help the sheriff Stilinski to remember Stiles . But does he really want it? The sheriff can no longer ignore that he has a son after discovering his son’s room. For its part, Theo will have its own problems! In a terrifying sneak peek of episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, he will be attacked by her sister who seems alive and full of rage. Are hallucinations or the chimera really in danger? Mystery! We will meet you tonight to learn more about this episode that is likely to freeze our blood! And you the meltynauts, are you eager to discover episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf?