Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 8, Scott’s Pack Decimated, Our Critic

Cinema 19 January, 2017

If episode 8 of season 6 of Teen Wolf was a real hecatomb, Scott hopes to find Stiles! Discover the criticism of “Blitzkrieg”!
Last night in episode 8 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, the Nazi werewolf has claimed many lives! Does Scott’s pack finally have a plan to save the victims of the Wild Hunt? Can they come back? The editorial of melty reveals his criticism of episode 8 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. “Blitzkrieg” opens Garrett Douglas in Nazi Germany in 1943. The werewolf seemed already very knowledgeable and obsessed with the Wild Hunt and the Ghost Riders. As much to say that it was not very convenient with those who stood in its way. For his part and nowadays, Noah Stilinski finds the red thread and the bugs that Stiles used to investigate the various supernatural cases. Gradually, the sheriff finds his memories and manages to recreate the room of his son as the latter had left before disappearing in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . This is a particularly moving sequence. Later, we learn that Scott has a plan to save Stiles and bring him back, he wants to bite him and therefore turn him into a werewolf. This does not fail to divide the pack of the true Alpha. Even Peter seems skeptical but Scott remains determined to break through which pass the Ghost Riders in Season 6 of Teen Wolf .
Meanwhile, Melissa and Chris find the Ghost Rider killed by Garrett Douglas who finds them himself. While it threatens the father of Allison, Scott’s mother promises to help him find a Hellhound, Parrish! The latter is the only one able to pass through the fault without being burned . Theo convinces Liam, Hayden and Mason to free him because if the Nazi werewolf knows how to defeat the Ghost Riders, Theo knows all about Garrett. The latter had found the fault in Germany and managed to escape the Wild Hunt riders despite the fact that one of them left him a wound. Thanks to the Dread Doctors, he managed to become stronger by being impregnated with power for 70 years! Mason understands that Garrett wants the Wild Hunt army for him, to serve him. Elsewhere, Chris is trying to deal with the Nazi werewolf, but he’s far too powerful. He then kills Chris and Melissa before taking Parrish. As for Liam, Mason and Hayden, they are faced with another Ghost Rider. Hayden Mason disappears and sacrifices that can warn Liam Scott, Lydia and Malia who found the flaw in Season 6 of Teen Wolf .
Noah Stilinski remembers everything, his son and the death of his wife. He then says goodbye a second time to Claudia during a heartbreaking scene when something seems to appear in the room of Stiles. Later, Garrett and Parrish find Scott and his pack or what remains of it. The latter can not stop Parrish, and so Garrett, from passing through the fault and then get caught by Ghost Riders. Fortunately, Peter is out of nowhere to help them but is still being erased from reality. Only Lydia seems to impress the Ghost Riders! According to her, it is not fear but admiration. Scott understands that his mother was taken by the Wild Hunt. But the sheriff arrives and finally revealed the name of Stiles in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . He remembers everything and even thought he saw her in his room. Scott realizes that to bring back his best friend, they have to remember the smallest details about Stiles. This is called an episode under high tension which ends in apotheosis on those revelations that were awaited for a very long time. Next week, in episode 9 of season 6 of Teen Wolf , Stiles has a good chance to be back ! We cross fingers ! So the meltynauts, what did you think of the episode 8 of season 6 of Teen Wolf?