Teen Wolf Season 6: Episode 8, the sheriff determined to remember Stiles, the promo video unveiled

Cinema 11 January, 2017

The sheriff will finally be ready to remember his son, Stiles, in episode 8 of Season 6 of Teen Wolf. Discover the promotional video of “Blitzkrieg”!

Last night in episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Scott joined forces with Theo face the Ghost Riders! The true alpha is determined to find Stiles so, he did not hesitate to associate with him who had tried to kill him. The werewolf and his pack have captured a Ghost Rider but while they were trying to get some clues, a bigger threat appeared. Garrett Douglas, the Nazi werewolf is far more dangerous than previously thought in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Not only is it a formidable creature but in addition, after seizing the rope of a Ghost Rider and devouring his brain, he is now able to make people disappear. Poor Corey paid the price. Time is running out for Scott! Can he save Stiles and Corey from the Wild Hunt and stop the Nazi werewolf? The editorial of melty let you see the video promo of the episode 8 of season 6 of Teen Wolf !
In “Blitzkrieg” , Scott, Lydia Malia and always try to bring Stiles while Liam Hayden Mason will make an agreement with Theo to learn more about the real Douglas plan in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . For his part, the sheriff will finally accept the idea of ​​having a son! He will explain to his wife, Claudia, that everything Lydia told them about Stiles is true. It will thus be determined to remember his son and above all to bring the . He will try to recreate his room and work like Stiles to get new answers. All will have to remember the smallest memory to hope to bring back Scott’s BFF. The pack of the true alpha has never been so close to the goal! Will Stiles be back? We’ll meet you next Tuesday to find out. In the meantime, see if Stiles could become as Ghost Rider him in Season 6 of Teen Wolf! So the meltynauts, do you look forward to the episode 8 of Season 6 of Teen Wolf?