Teen Wolf Season 6: Game of Thrones vs The Walking Dead, Holland Roden (Lydia) chooses his side! (EXCLUDED)

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Not always easy to choose his pack! At the launch of Season 6 of Teen Wolf, Holland Roden (Lydia) has faced many dilemmas …

teen-wolf-saison-5-holland-roden-marie-antoinetteThat’s it ! After unbearable months of waiting, the MTV series is FINALLY back … And what a return! Last night the Season Premiere Season 6 of Teen Wolf was released on American screens and one thing is certain, this final chapter of the show promises to be intense . You just end this episode and you still have chills? It’s time to relax a little in very – very – good company! To celebrate this launch as it should, the editorial ‘offers to find Holland Roden, the inimitable Lydia, who has taken the game of the interview shifted to melty . When actress Teen Wolf must choose his pack in real life, it’s not always easy! Judge for yourself …
Hi Holland! We will play a little game called “How would you prefer to belong pack?” . Let’s go ! You’re rather Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead ?
Holland : hmm well one of these series are dragons so of course …
Pretty Little Liars or The Vampire Diaries ?
Holland : I have never watched the series but I like neither secret nor vampires!
Marvel or DC?
Holland : I can say both?
Batman or Superman?
Holland : More the merrier merrier, right?
Captain American and Iron Man?
Holland : I like Robert Downey Jr Iron Man so!
Beyonce or Rihanna?
Holland : Argh, the choice is too hard, I can not decide!
Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift?
Holland : Kim K!
Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake?
Holland : Justin Timberlake! I am 30 years old ! (laughs)
And finally, a full pack of Stiles doing shit jokes or Scott engaging in speeches to bite me-the-node?
Holland : Oh the jokes muddy Stiles! I think we all d ‘agreement … even Scott (laughs)
For more information about the season 6 of Teen Wolf , stay tuned! Decryptages, theories, spoilers, excluded, melty gets fashion Teen Wolf today. And remember, from Friday, November 18, find the new episodes of the show on MTV France .