Teen Wolf Season 6: Holland Roden (Lydia) has landed a new role!

Cinema 27 May, 2017

Fans of Teen Wolf can be delighted! Actress Holland Roden, who plays Lydia, has just landed a new role in a TV series. You are told more.
Good news ! The final episodes of Season 6 of Teen Wolf, whose teaser was unveiled, have not yet been released as good news has just fallen for all fans of the series. If we were afraid not to see Holland Roden on our screens after the last ten episodes of Teen Wollf , we can be reassured ! Lydia’s interpreter has just signed a new contract. She did not waste time. The actress has landed a role in the horror series Channel Zero . As good news never comes alone, it will also have a leading role. We could not be happier. What character will she interpret? When will we be able to discover Holland Roden in this new universe? Immediately find the first details!
Holland Roden joined the cast of the horror series Channel Zero . So we can see her in the third season of the TV show. She will play the role of Zoe Woods , a young woman fighting a mental illness. This problem has been used over the years. She will share starring with Brando Scott, whom we have seen in Guerrila , who will play Officer Luke Vanczyk. We look forward to seeing this duo on screen. Season 2 of Channel Zero will air in October 2017 and Season 3 will probably be in the fall of 2018. In the meantime, we will be able to find Holland Roden in season 6 of Teen Wolf of which the 3 things to remember of the teaser!