Teen Wolf Season 6: Matthew del Negro, Scott’s father back!

Cinema 26 December, 2016

Rafael McCall, Scott’s father, is back in Beacon Hills! He will soon appear in season 6 of Teen Wolf.
Scott and Lydia managed to communicate with Stiles but could they save him? We begin seriously to doubt it. Indeed, it showed that it could unfortunately be the end of Teen Wolf Dylan O’Brien, his interpreter, who may not be appear in Season 6B . But if Scott will have to say goodbye to his best friend, a person will come back in his life. Indeed, Matthew Del Negro, who plays Rafael McCall, will return to Beacon Hill in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . It is the actor himself who announced the good news via con account Twitter . Scott’s father appeared for the first time in the series in season 3. FBI agent, he had been sent to the small town to investigate the sacrifices that took place there. Will this time be on a mission or will he support his family?
For now, the return of Scott’s father in Season 6 of Teen Wolf remains very mysterious. However, he may be investigating the serial killings that have taken place in Beacon Hills for some time because of … the Nazi werewolf! The latter needs to feed on the pineal gland of humans to survive, as much to tell you that it will make a lot of victim. Rafael could then investigate alongside his ex-wife, Melissa, and Chris Silver, who recently much closer . It may be tense! We may learn a little more about his differences with Stiles’ father. Appointment you are given, from Tuesday, January 3, to discover a new episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf. Meanwhile, also see if Peter is dead or alive following his sacrifice that brought Scott and Stiles Lydia. So the meltynauts, are you eager to find Rafael McCall in season 6 of Teen Wolf?Rafael could then investigate alongside his ex-wife, Melissa, and Chris Silver