Teen Wolf Season 6: Melissa, Chris Silver, Rafael McCall, a love triangle to come?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

While Melissa McCall is getting closer and closer to Chris Silver, her ex-husband, Rafael, will return to Beacon Hills in season 6 of Teen Wolf?
There are some days, it was announced that a former character would make his comeback in the season 6 of Teen Wolf. Indeed, Matthew Del Negro, who plays Scott, will return to Beacon Hill . For now, the reason for his coming into the small town remains a mystery. But one thing is for sure, Rafael McCall is not at the end of his troubles! A Beacon Hill, it could have very bad surprises in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Indeed, Rafael will understand that a serial killer is raging in the small town but the latter is not a simple murderer, it is the Nazi werewolf. He will also discover that his ex-wife, Melissa, is investigating this terrible creature that feeds on the pineal gland of humans. Also, Rafael realizes that Scott’s mother is not alone on this case since it is working with Chris Silver, of which she became quite close in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Will Rafael be jealous? Do we have to wait for a love triangle between Scott’s father, Melissa and Chris?
If hunting a Nazi werewolf is not really romantic, that does not stop Melissa and Chris Argent to approach in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . It seems that Allison’s father cracks for Scott’s mother. Yes, Melissa’s clumsiness makes her charm, as is her dynamism, her courage and her will. But this nascent romance will perhaps find itself disturbed by the return of Rafael McCall. Scott’s father may not really like to see his ex-wife flirt with another man. This might even make Rafael understand that he still has feelings for Melissa. So, the two men could fight for the pretty brunette! As for Scott’s mother, she may hesitate between the two men . Rafael has changed a lot, maybe he deserves a second chance. As for Chris, he is the protective man she would need especially in a city like Beacon Hills. This possible love triangle promises to be interesting! We will meet you this evening to find out more. In the meantime, find the best pictures of Dylan O’Brien, finally back on the filming of season 6 of Teen Wolf. And you think the meltynauts, should we expect a love triangle between Rafael, Melissa and Chris in season 6 of Teen Wolf?