Teen Wolf season 6: Parrish and Malia as a couple to take revenge on Stydia, the WTF theory!

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Abandoned by Stiles and Lydia, can Malia and Parrish get married for revenge in season 6 of Teen Wolf? This is the WTF Theory of the Week!
A new threat, worse than the Ghost Riders, arrives at Beacon Hill in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Garrett Douglas, the new physics-chemistry professor and incidentally the Nazi werewolf, became a Ghost Rider! He actually hid the rope from one of jumpers before eating his brain … And while this new threat terrorizes Beacon Hill, Scott of the pack should always try to save Stiles in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Sheriff Stilinkski, helped by Lydia, seems to be on the right track to find his son. But what will happen if Stiles comes back? Scott’s BFF may have a heart swinging between Lydia and Malia! The Stydia relationship has been highlighted since the beginning of this new season. Can Stiles give up Malia for the banshee? And did she draw a line on Parrish? Mystery! But if Lydia and Stiles begin couple, Parrish and Malia could they try their luck together to avenge their ex in Season 6 of Teen Wolf ? This is the WTF Theory of the Week!
If she seemed to be attracted by Parrish, Lydia seems to be in love with Stiles! As for Scott’s BFF, he always had feelings for the banshee. The fans wait impatiently for the couple Stydia but what will become Parrish and Malia, the girlfriend of Stiles? Some think they could take revenge on their ex by putting them as a couple in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . That would be extremely strange! But after all, nothing is impossible. However, other fans have noticed that Malia was actually more close to Scott! This is also obvious in the promo video of the next episode of season 6 of Teen Wolf . And if the coyote-garou finally ended up with the BFF of his ex-boyfriend. Did you say awkward? Yes, we agree! We only hope that Malia and Parrish will not be heartbroken! Pending more information, also see new details unveiled two new sneak peeks of unreleased episode 8 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. And do you think Parrish and Malia can be a couple in season 6 of Teen Wolf?