Teen Wolf Season 6: Release date and teaser FINALLY unveiled!

Cinema 6 July, 2017

Stop EVERYTHING! The broadcast date and the intense teaser of the season 6B of Teen Wolf have finally been revealed and we can already count the days! Discover them immediately!

After months of waiting and mystery, the 6B season of Teen Wolf gradually begins to unfold. If the first part of the season had managed to charm all teen show fans, it is hoped that these final episodes will pay tribute to the series. The first images of Teen Wolf’s season 6B had put us in the mouth. However, it was quite chaotic in terms of broadcasting. The date of the Mid-season Premiere has often been staggered and the worst part is that we had no information about it, finally until today! Yes, the meltynauts, you can be delighted and provide you with your diary immediately because Scott and his pack will quickly return to our screens. As good news never comes alone, an amazing teaser has also been unveiled. Watch out!

The fateful date of July 30th will remain engraved in our minds! Yes, Teen Wolf’s season 6B will be back in exactly 24 days and will be released on Sunday night. It is quite unexpected because with the little information revealed, we did not expect it anymore! In addition, MTV unveiled an absolutely incredible teaser on the last episodes and it can be said, they are announcing themselves crazy! Be prepared to be afraid and fear the worst for our heroes since many deaths are to be expected in Teen Wolf’s season 6B. In any case, we could be reassured because Stiles and Derek appear in these new images! Is this a sign? So get ready for the ultimate fight in these last 10 episodes.