Teen Wolf Season 6: Season premiere, catastrophic audience!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Highly anticipated by fans of the first Teen Wolf season has still made a disastrous hearing … It tells you more!

teen-wolf-saison-6-saison-6-stydia-lydiaBad news . The sixth and final season, Teen Wolf is unfortunately not returned through the front door, on the contrary. Yes, the final hearings just fallen and the first series conducted an absolutely catastrophic audience . While we were wondering if there is little Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) is present in the rest of the season 6 , it seems that much of the show fans have deserted during the nine months that separated the end of season 5 and the return of Teen Wolf . Indeed, they were 570,000 to follow this first episode. While this may seem huge to a cable channel like MTV , it should be noted that the end of Season 5 has attracted 800,000 curious , a much higher figure. And unfortunately, that’s not the only bad news that accompanies this episode.
A closer inspection, the first season of Teen Wolf recorded the worst audience in the history of the series . Yes, you read correctly. Never until then, an episode of Teen Wolf had so few people interested. We could put this on account of too much expectation or on the starting Kira, but wait a bit. Widely watched offline, Teen Wolf could experience a huge surge of interest in the coming days. Anyway, fingers are crossed for this to be the case! On average, Season 5 of Teen Wolf was followed by 1.54 million in the first diffusion Americans, almost triple Tuesday night … In the rest of the news of the series, you will notice that Holland Roden (Lydia) returned exclusively for melty on the end of Teen Wolf and his interview is worth a glance. You are warned! And you, what do you think of Teen Wolf?