Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles, a first clue to his name revealed! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 24 November, 2016

Stiles has never revealed his real name in Teen Wolf. Season 6 will unveil this great mystery. Jeff Davis admits that an index has been revealed!

teen-wolf-season-6-saison-6-stiles-ghostTuesday night in episode 2 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Scott, Malia and Lydia tried to remember Stiles . The friends of the latter understood that a person was missing from their lives but have no idea who it is. Also in this episode, Stiles was conspicuously absent. Indeed, Dylan O’Brien, his interpreter did not appear on the screen. However, another Stilinski resurfaced in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . The mother of Scott BFF, Claudia, has returned to the life of her husband as if she had never left. Yet the mother of Stiles died there over 10 years. “We really wanted to show what would life of Stilinski sheriff without Stiles” , said the producer executive of the series, Jeff Davis, to TVLine . ” long ago we thought, ‘what if he loses but Stiles gets something in return? If we reduce his wife? what does that mean? where does it come from? How possible? it’s a big part of the mystery and we have a lot of fun working with her. ” , he said.
Claudia’s death has something to do with Stiles and the disappearance of the youth has certainly had an impact on the wife of the sheriff . The reappearance of the latter, however, will not be the only mystery of season 6 of Teen Wolf . If we thought that Stiles would reveal his real name when his father, recognizing not, asked him what his name was in the Season Premiere, the show has preferred to keep the suspense. But rest assured, we approach more and more of this revelation. In trying to remember Stiles, Lydia wrote the nickname his friend with a word written many times, “mischief” which can mean “malice” or “wrong” . This word has more meaning than could have been imagined. “This is a hint, it’s a clue. This word was not chosen at random.” , Confessed Jeff Davis. So it definitely has a link with the name of Stiles who perhaps gave him this crafty character. Before more information next week, also discover the promotional video of episode 3 of season 6 of Teen Wolf. And according to you, what is the name of Stiles in Season 6 of Teen Wolf?