Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles and Lydia couple, what future for Malia?

While Stiles and Lydia are in a couple, Malia finds herself alone in season 6 of Teen Wolf. What does the future hold for him?
Recently, we were wondering about the Stydia couple. What will be the future of Stiles and Lydia in season 6 of Teen Wolf? It is the love that the two teenagers share that saved Scott’s BFF from the forgetting of the Wild Hunt. If Stiles and Lydia were happy to meet and exchanged a passionate kiss, they will still have to give some explanation to Malia in season 6 of Teen Wolf . The coyote-garou was in a couple with the sheriff’s son and if they had gradually moved away from each other, they never really broke up. When she understood that Lydia and her boyfriend shared such a connection, Malia did not say anything but seemed to be as surprised as upset. The girl is far from showing her feelings but it would be quite normal for her to feel betrayed by Stiles and Lydia in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Will she blame them or go directly to something else? What does the future hold for Malia in future episodes?
If many fans would like to see Malia and Theo as a couple in Season 6 of Teen Wolf , for now the coyote-garou really seems to hate the character of Cody Christian. If Stiles was the one who calmed her down and helped her master her animal side, Theo does not seem to be an ideal boyfriend for the girl. Maybe after a flashforward and a real redemption of the old guinea pig of the Dread Doctors this could happen but in the next episodes, the series will focus on the character of Malia, his past and his family . Peter Hale is back in season 6 of Teen Wolf and it’s not for nothing. His relationship with his daughter will be exploited in the last episodes of the show. This link has already changed Peter and could help Malia to control herself. Her personal fulfillment will be at the heart of the storyline about the girl and not her love life. While waiting to learn more about Malia, discover also the characters that we would like to see again in season 6 of Teen Wolf before the end of the series. And you, what do you expect from the character of Malia in season 6 of Teen Wolf?

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