Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles and Lydia couple, what future for Malia?

Cinema 12 November, 2016

While Stiles will approach Lydia, that will become his girlfriend Malia in Season 6 of Teen Wolf? She will remain single? Reply !
Recently, we wondered what we could expect from the Stydia relationship in Season 6 of Teen Wolf. Lydia and Stiles will approach greatly and should even end up as a couple. The BFF Scott admit even the Banshee that he loves her. Indeed, the heart beats Stiles Lydia since his childhood. The problem ? Stiles was already in a relationship with Malia! But what will become the latter, with whom he has not broken, in Season 6 of Teen Wolf ? Do not worry, the coyote werewolf will not be put in the background! Malia will remain a full member of the pack of Scott. According to the website Entertainment Weekly , Malia will also play a crucial role in the mission “Stiles remember” after he was captured by the Ghost Riders erase that Scott’s BFF memory of all who knew him in season 6 of Teen Wolf.
If we were afraid of the reaction of Malia facing the birth of the couple Stydia, we also learn that Malia should not stay long in single season 6 Teen Wolf . The coyote werewolf will spend his nights alone! With Stiles cleared of its existence, she can not remember her boyfriend. Thus, it will soon find someone to “replace”! Now there is more to know who Malia spend his nights. Her new boyfriend is there someone we already know or a new character? Appointment you are given, Tuesday, November 15, to learn more! Meanwhile, customers also new photos of the cast of season 6 of Teen Wolf Scott, Stiles, Lydia and others! And you think that will be the new boyfriend of Malia in Season 6 of Teen Wolf?