Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles and Lydia, Dylan O’Brien, the end of the series … Holland Roden told us all! (EXCLUDED)

Cinema 15 November, 2016

A few hours before the start of Teen Wolf, it’s time to take stock with Holland Roden. According to the interpreter Lydia, 6 this season of the show promises to be very heavy. The excluded interview is here …

holland-roden-teen-wolf-saison-5-sexy-bikiniTonight that Series Jeff Davis will begin its final chapter . A Season Premiere highly anticipated by fans of the show, eager to see what the series has prepared them for its sixth and final season. However, a tinted excitement of sadness, since we know that these 20 episodes to come will mark the end of an era, that of the teen hit shows. Between The Vampire Diaries , Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf , 2017 will be rich in farewell. But before leaving our handkerchiefs, it’s time to defer to one that embodies Lydia Martin since 2011, Holland Roden . The actress of 30 years has agreed to answer our questions and show us some details about the season 6 of Teen Wolf . Discover now our exclusive interview. It’s a gift !
melty : Hi Holland! A few hours of the launch of this last season, how do you feel? What will miss you the most?
Holland : My friends will miss me too, for sure! The shooting also, all team members have become my friends. I have a lot of chances that my debut as an adult to pass over Teen Wolf. I grew up along the series!
melty Lydia went from a good friend a little biatch the main female character who saved everybody several times. What do you think of evolution?
Holland : Lydia slowly let his guard. I love Jeff Davis did that, I could understand how a reserved person could gradually let approach by others. Mentally, Lydia is much more introverted than me, she has clearly made friends through this evolution and I love it.
melty : Do we should expect it to be even more badass for this final season?
Holland : In season 6, Lydia will bring unique solutions to problems, be it with the pack, through its history of Banshee or alone. You will see a fairly wide range of abilities to solve crimes and mysteries this season!
melty : As you know, many fans want to see Stiles and Lydia together. Do you shippes them too?
Holland : I want the fans are satisfied … Stay tuned! (laughs)
melty : We saw in the promo videos, Lydia and Stiles will be at the heart of the upcoming episodes. Do you think Jeff Davis will finally give fans what they want?
Holland : Well we’ll have to wait and see … (laughs)
melty : We are a bit worried about Dylan O’Brien. Will it in the last part of the season? Can you reassure us?
Holland : We are a real family on screen and in the city. I can not tell you much compared to Dylan, you have to be patient and watch the show!
melty : Do we can expect a happy ending for us heroes?
Holland : I can not say anything! (laughs) We have not even filmed the final episode, we will do so only 3 weeks before its release!
melty And after Teen Wolf? You already have projects?
Holland : I’m working on two scripts for sale channels and a documentary. Cross our fingers !
You will understand, to discover all the details of this final season, we will have to wait a little! See you tomorrow for a special day Teen Wolf . The program, impressions, spoilers, decryption and much more … Remember, Season 6 coming soon on MTV France! So eager to discover Teen Wolf?