Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles, can it be saved by Corey?

Cinema 27 November, 2016

This is the question that one is entitled to ask after watching episode 2 of season 6 of Teen Wolf: Corey Can save Stiles?

teen-wolf-saison-6-corey-mtvA hero can hide another … If you saw the 6×02 episode of Teen Wolf , “Overlay” , what follows will perhaps not surprise you. If you still have not seen it, we suggest you go watch it in the minutes. Yes, this week, the writers of Teen Wolf are longer than ever rolled up their sleeves to stage 40 minutes of pure bliss. Whether the fans or the players themselves, everyone had a role to play this week! And it all ended with SPOILER who finally confesses her love for Stiles, allowing fans of Teen Wolf explode with joy . But even more, “Overlay” helped set the record straight about the character of Corey.
If you followed the season 5 of Teen Wolf , you already know that Corey is one of those characters that we enjoy but that can annoy us together. Product experiments of Dread Doctors, Corey was previously crush the then boyfriend of Mason . And we must recognize that the character has not given us the opportunity to put more things on his fictional CV. And while Scott is on track Stiles in episode 3 , we found that Corey could be of great help later in the season. Yes, thanks to his power, he is the only one able to see the Ghost Riders in action when they take off their victims. Remember, MTV France disseminates new episodes of Teen Wolf every Friday.
Faced with mistakes by Liam, Corey decided to make it fully useful pack . If Hayden is all forgiven because 1) she’s dating Liam, 2) it has asked to be completely transformed into a werewolf and 3) she died trying to resist Theo, Corey was previously the only chimera to do not choosing to camp. This is now done. And we will not lie, this is very good news when finding Stiles. Deleted from the memory of members of the pack, Stiles might be stuck in a parallel dimension . (Perhaps the same as Theo, who knows?) And because the most WTF theory of the week is that Allison is alive , we start to believe that Corey might be able to see when invisible Stiles and to help him faster. What do you think?