Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles, Derek, Scott, 3 things to remember from the intense trailer

Cinema 13 July, 2017

Season 6 of Teen Wolf unfolds on a small fire. An incredible trailer was released a few days ago and this is the perfect time to come back on the 3 highlights of this intense video!

You all know now, Teen Wolf’s season 6 will air on July 30th. While we were no longer hoping, the final season of the show finally has its date. Moreover, as good news never comes alone, MTV also decided to unveil the long awaited and surprising trailer of Jeff Davis’ show TV. This amazing promo video really put us in the mouth. In addition, she brought us some answers to our questions … This final season of Teen Wolf should put us in full view and emotion will be present in these last 10 episodes. Here are for you, the three things to remember of this trailer absolutely crazy!

1. Stiles, Derek Gerard … back!
To close Teen Wolf season 6 in style, the writers wanted to put the package. Besides, they decided to recall a few familiar faces to help our pretty troupe. At the same time, in view of the trailer, Scott and his pack will need all the help they can to overcome this new threat, and we can only be met! Stiles, Derek, Ethan, Gerard and maybe even Alison could come back in the show! On the 30th of July …

2. Scott and Malia as a couple!
Watch out, Teen Wolf’s season 6B should be hot. Malia and Scott will be a couple! Will this leave the Stydia duo free? In any case, our werewolf Alpha will not end the single season. We are eager to discover their rapprochement. Love should have an important place in these final episodes. One thing is certain, that between Scott and Malia, it will be hot …

3. Fear!
It is the feeling that emerges from this trailer of the season 6B of Teen Wolf. To him alone, it looks like a horror film trailer. It will take your heart to hang on to watch the latest episodes of Jeff Davis’s TV show. They will be frightening and this threat will be one of the most formidable that the series has known. We see it in the images, death will be omnipresent. Moreover, all the inhabitants of Beacon Hills will want to banish the supernatural and therefore Scott and his pack. They will be hunted by hunters. They will be terrified and we will be terrified too … It promises!