Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles, Scott, Ghost Riders … 5 things to know about new episodes

As the season 6 of Teen Wolf will be launched tonight in the United States, we should review the 5 things to know about these new episodes!

teen-wolf-saison-6-dylan-obrien-tyler-poseyThe wait is over! That’s it, the pack is back on MTV . After 9 months of waiting, we will finally be able to find Beacon Hill, his high school full of strange creatures and adorable teens. And for this final season, the producers out all the stops. In fact, they just unveiled the new generic crazy this season 6 . I promise, you will love it! But until we see the first season, it seemed important to us to make a small dot on the 5 things to know about upcoming episodes. Because after May 1 eventful season, season 6 should play with our emotions. And, from the first episode! Are you ready ? Let’s go. 1) The Ghost Riders are stronger than we think . Season 5 of Teen Wolf we have at least learned one thing: never underestimate his enemies. The pack has paid the price and it goes without saying that in the new episodes, they will all be very careful. The Ghost Riders have a plan and they will do everything for it goes as planned …
2) Stiles is in great danger . If you followed the news of melty this summer, you already know that one of the first victims of the Ghost Riders will be our little darling, Stiles Stilinski. Deleted from the memory of his friends, he will have to fight to protect those he loves. Surprisingly enough, they should cross paths with familiar faces: can think in Peter Hale and Theo … 3) A new teacher will wreak havoc . We announced a few months ago, actor Pete Ploszek joined the series to embody one of the new teachers of Beacon Hill High School. And it seems it is not as smooth as one might think. If the rumored romance between him and Malia, this could be much more complicated. Stay tuned…
4) The University is fast approaching! This will be one of the major events of the end of the series. Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia will have to ask questions about their future and if Scott decides to leave for college, Liam will be able to protect Beacon Hill costs. Will he succeed? We will soon have the answer. 5) More revelations about the banshee . While Stiles is the main issue of this first part of season 6, the other characters will not be outdone. So, we should learn a little more about the history of the banshee and powers of Lydia during a highly anticipated episode. Remember, Teen Wolf starts tonight on MTV France and MTV will begin broadcasting new episodes soon. To find out if you are ready (e) to watch Season 6, think to the test and see if you really are a fan of the series! Besides, are you watching the new episodes of Teen Wolf?

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