Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles, we know FINALLY his first name! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 18 January, 2017

For his last chapter, Teen Wolf finally reveals a well-kept secret for 6 seasons … The name of Stiles is here.
If there is anyone who knows how to keep the secrets, it’s Jeff Davis, the creator of Teen Wolf! The last 6 seasons, we desperately waiting for it reveals the name of Stilinski aka Stiles . Many mysteries around the fan favorite! But do not worry, it’s now done. While the ultimate chapter of the show in full swing and fans are already preparing to say goodbye to their favorite series (it will hurt!), The first name of Stiles was finally unveiled in episode 8 of the 6 season of Teen Wolf … So you have your idea? Last round for bets!
Well, we stop arranging the suspense! The first name is Stiles: Mieczyslaw . What ?! A rather amazing and totally unpronounceable choice! Asked about his decision, Jeff Davis said: “I was looking for a Polish name that is super hard to pronounce and write Mieczyslaw lot like ‘mischief’ (mischievous, cunning) and this is clearly the perfect word to describe Stiles. Both a mischievous child and an adult not very wise! ” . Also note that Mieczyslaw comes from two Slavic words meaning “sword” and “glory / fame,” yeah we did our taf on Wikipedia ! Could this new clues about the role of Stiles in season 6 of Teen Wolf ? We will soon have the answer!