Teen Wolf Season 6: Stiles will soon become a Ghost Rider, the WTF Theory!

Cinema 7 January, 2017

What if Stiles had been captured by the Ghost Riders to become a Wild Hunt rider in Season 6 of Teen Wolf? This is the rumor of the week!
Next week, Scott and his pack will attempt to capture a Ghost Rider in episode 7 of season 6 of Teen Wolf . The werewolf is ready to finish it once and for all! His best friend, Stiles, was a victim of the Wild Hunt and it is becoming more and more urgent to find him. However, Theo came back with very bad news. According to him, it is simply impossible to return to the real world once the Ghost Riders have captured their victim. However, a person is already back in the Wild Hunt in Season 6 of Teen Wolf , Peter! The latter is very, very badly in point but still alive. It is perhaps the only hope for Scott to find Stiles. The werewolf will then start a race against the clock to save his best friend. The problem ? Stiles could still be alive but very different from the teen we know. He could have become in turn a Ghost Rider in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Is it possible ? This is the rumor of the week!
In episode 6 of season 6 of Teen Wolf , Scott, Malia and Lydia met a banshee residing in a city victim of the Wild Hunt. The old woman told them that the people captured by the Ghost Riders were also diabolical riders! Is this what awaits Stiles? In any case, that’s what some fans of the series seem to think. After all, why erase people from reality for no other purpose than to make them disappear? Not to mention that the Ghost Riders surely need reinforcement. In addition, Stiles might not appear in future episodes of season 6 of Teen Wolf . But why ? Perhaps because transformed into Ghost Riders, his friends failed to save him and were forced to kill him. This holds the road but we hope much better for a character such as Stiles. Before more, next Tuesday, so see if you can expect a love triangle between Chris Argent, Melissa and Rafael in Season 6 of Teen Wolf. And, in your opinion, can Stiles become a Ghost Riders in Season 6 of Teen Wolf?