Teen Wolf Season 6: Theo, Mason, Corey, these figures underestimated

Cinema 14 November, 2016

While Teen Wolf returns in a few days, let’s look for a moment Theo, Mason and Corey, these characters too often underestimated!
The wait is (Almost) over! One thing is certain, the return of Teen Wolf should not go unnoticed. Yes, after 9 long months of waiting facts and uncertainties, the # 1 MTV series will return next week. Tuesday night, to be more precise! And so you do not forget, a countdown announcing Season 6 Teen Wolf began on Instagram . I promise, you will love it. In the meantime, because we too love this series, we wanted to tell you about the case of three characters we appreciate and which are likely to be important in future episodes. Obviously, this is Theo, Mason and Corey. Is it necessary to present the first? We never know ! Ambivalent and disconcerting, Theo has continued to react the fans of the series since its entry in the season 5 first one. Both charming and manipulative , the character chained low blows while sometimes seeming sincere with characters like Lydia and Malia. That is why we believe that the next parts of the series should give us another glimpse of the young man. Revenue from the dead, Theo will have the opportunity to prove his critics and members of the pack that he can be on the safe side of the barrier . Before betraying them? The question needs to be asked.
For their part, the relationship between Mason and Corey will be very important in the season 6 of Teen Wolf . Very appreciated by the public, the two young men will continue to discover each other while participating in the overall plot. And if we know all that Stiles will be the main challenge of the first part, Mason and Corey will not be outdone however . Firstly because Mason is incredibly insightful and resourceful. And because the powers of Corey will be of significant benefit in the coming weeks. Stronger together than apart, the two students should offer us beautiful moments of bravery like Teen Wolf knows so well doing. However, do not think that everything will be fine afterwards . Beacon Hill is a city full of dangers and this season more than ever, no one is safe … you have been warned! Remember, Teen Wolf returns Tuesday night in the USA and MTV France begins the distribution of the final season on 18 November. And you, what do you think of these characters?