Teen Wolf Season 6: War Beacon Hills in a new trailer

Cinema 21 July, 2017

A brand new trailer of Season 6 of Teen Wolf was unveiled at the Comic Con in San Diego 2017. This video promo announces a terrible war between the inhabitants of Beacon Hills!

A few days ago, an unreleased trailer of Season 6 of Teen Wolf announced the official returns of Stiles, Ethan, Jackson and Derek! The last episodes of the fantastic show of MTV are totally crazy and very moving. Tonight, the cast of the series was present at Comic Con of San Diego. During the panel, they unveiled a brand new video promo for the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf’s Season 6 and consequently the show. As much as you will be warned right away, the tension will be at its height for our favorite werewolves. We suspected it and we are now sure and certain, a huge war is preparing for Beacon Hills. This new trailer gives us much more clues about the threats that Scott and his pack will have to face in Teen Wolf’s season 6. On the new images, we discover that humans will chase away supernatural beings without any mercy!

Scott will not be the only one to be in danger in Season 6 of Teen Wolf, all supernatural beings will be threatened. “It’s not about killing a single werewolf, we’re building an army to hunt them all!” Says Gerard Argent in this new trailer. The latter seems to be the leader of the army who will relentlessly hunt down our favorite poor werewolves in Season 6 of Teen Wolf. One of Scott’s big rivals will be Nolan high school student Froy Gutierrez, who will prove to be a huge threat to the real alpha and his friends. He will perform a simple test of seeing who heals or not to determine who to eliminate, and will expose Corey and other supernatural beings. Luckily, Derek, Stiles and Jackson and Ethan, whose connection was revealed, will come back to help their friends in Teen Wolf’s Season 6. We look forward to July 30th!