Teen Wolf Season 6: Winter Finale, SPOILER bids farewell, critic

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Scott and his pack fought Garrett Douglas and the Ghost Riders in a final epic battle in episode 10 of Teen Wolf’s Season 6. Check out our Winter Finale review!
Last night, in episode 10 of season 6 of Teen Wolf, Stiles was back to Scott, Lydia and Malia . But did the pack save the other Wild Hunt victims? The editorial of melty reveals his criticism of Winter Finale of season 6 of Teen Wolf . “Riders of the Storm” opens with Liam in the empty corridors of the hospital where a strange noise is heard. This is the bulletin board of the next trains that are also ahead of Stiles and announcing an upcoming stop at Beacon Hills. That announces nothing good! Scott’s BFF hears the voice of Lydia and finds his father, taken by the Ghost Riders. The sheriff advises him to find his friends while he retains the Wild Hunt riders. Stiles approaches the gate but he disappears before Lydia in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Malia and Scott admit they have not seen anyone but Lydia is sure he was there and she’s right! Stiles … reappeared in his car and found a ghost town . For his part, Liam shows that rails have appeared all over the city, which seems to delight Garrett Douglas, helped by Parrish more powerful than ever. But with Stiles aka the man who falls steeply, Liam and Scott can escape the Nazi Werewolf in Season 6 of Teen Wolf .
Malia and Lydia discover a station hall in the middle of the library while Mason and Hayden are looking for Corey. It is he who makes the announcements of the next trains! Meanwhile, Parrish returns to him through Stiles and explains that Douglas wants to merge the two worlds to take the Ghost Riders army into ours. He says the process of the Wild Hunt can not be stopped but deflected in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Liam thinks that Corey is the key because he exists in both worlds thanks to his powers. The BFF of Mason then decides to join the world of Ghost Riders and succeeded thanks to … Theo! Stiles and Scott are less fortunate and are surprised by Douglas while Malia and Lydia manage to find Peter to stop the Ghost Riders and prevent the victims of the Wild Hunt from disappearing forever. As for Corey, he is very poorly trained and prisoner of tubes sunk in his body. Ouch! At the same time, Scott and Stiles, each on their side, are faced with Ghost Riders. Lydia arrives in extremis, knocks KO and saves Stiles. Their reunion is celebrated by a kiss much more torrid than the first! And yes, Stiles and Lydia have finally embraced in Season 6 of Teen Wolf and we want more!
Chris Silver confronts a Ghost Rider in a scene that reminds us of the old westerns. You bet on that? Chris obviously and you’re right! How not to be a fan of Alison’s father? Anyway, Melissa is so much that she decided to kiss in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . Scott is in bad shape against Douglas and his army of Ghost Riders but Peter, Malia and Theo come as reinforcements! As for Stiles, he finds himself face to his mother which destabilizes him. The train arrives and Scott manages to divert it and then gives the signal to disconnect Corey. Meanwhile, Noah chooses his son rather than Claudia and manages to save Stiles through Lydia. The last Ghost Riders rank their weapons and transform Douglas into one of their own before disappearing. Life resumes its course, the school ends. Stiles bids farewell, he leaves to train himself to become an agent of the FBI. The episode ends as a Series Finale with Stiles and Scott taking the road … The end is near and we have a small pinch to the heart. This Winter Finale was dark but moving without forgetting the touch of humor that we love so much in Teen Wolf . “Riders of the Storm” was a bit stressful with the countdown for Corey but especially intense, the shares were linked to 100 per hour, not to divert our eyes from the screen. Bring on Season 6 of Teen Wolf that promises to be explosive! So tell us all the meltynauts, what did you think of episode 10 of season 6 of Teen Wolf?