Teen Wolf Season 6B: We finally have the first pictures of the sequel!

Cinema 8 May, 2017

FINALLY ! We were waiting for them and they are finally there. The very first images of Teen Wolf season 6B have just been unveiled. Immediately discover this explosive video!

What a day ! While the 6B season of Teen Wolf is desired, the very first images of the suite have finally been unveiled at the MTV Movie & TV Awards . This summer, the network will broadcast the final episodes of Teen Wolf ‘s season 6 and emotion will be guaranteed . We will soon have to say goodbye to our favorite characters. If the first part of the season had been unbelievable and of extreme intensity, the sequel promises to be just as crazy! A big reversal of situation is to be anticipated thanks to a new character in season 6 of Teen Wolf . The plot still remains unrecognized as well as the official date of broadcast, but one thing is certain, Is that Scott and his pack will face a formidable threat! The wait has lasted enough, it is finally time to discover the very first scary images of the sequel of the season 6 of Teen Wolf in this short video. Watch out!
What power, what emotion! The fans are under the spell and this teaser of the season 6B of Teen Wolf announces the color. The danger will be omnipresent and our heroes will not be at the end of their sorrows. These very first images of season 6 of Teen Wolf are quite agonizing and announce a chaotic finale. While the video begins innocently with Scott and his pack – Lydia and Malia – tracking a killer in the woods, the danger comes very quickly. They soon realize that they are not alone and are being pursued by hunters who are ready to kill them . We also notice the presence of Chris Silver but not that of Stiles … This teaser really puts us in the mouth. While waiting for the return of the season 6B of Teen Wolf, discover if Tyler Posey will revive in the music! What do you think of this short extract?