Teen Wolf Season 6B: Will Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) be present? Jeff Davis replies

Cinema 3 February, 2017

The first part of season 6 of Teen Wolf has just closed and Stiles was finally back. But will it be present in the second part of the season? Discover the confidences of Jeff Davis!
Tuesday night, episode 10 of season 6 of Teen Wolf was released and here is our review . Stiles bade farewell because he decided to leave for new adventures. Scott’s best friend wants to become an FBI agent and must be trained to become an FBI agent. This first part of Season 6 of Teen Wolf was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Each episode was full of emotions but we still regretted Stiles. Because of the accident and its many cinema projects, Dylan O’Brien has been quiet in the season 6 of Teen Wolf . The writers had found the idea of ​​erasing his existence by the Ghost Riders. Of course, even if he did not appear on the screen, his presence was very strong. However, in this season of Teen Wolf 6B, Stiles he will be present? Jeff Davis replied. Discover his confidences!
Stiles he will be present in the last 10 episodes of season 6 of Teen Wolf ? Jeff Davis confided to Hollywood Life , and they make us shudder. When the media asked him to elaborate on Stiles, the showrunner replied “I can not say anything. It may be the last time you see Stiles.” . What ?? Stiles will not return in season 6B of Teen Wolf? Hollywood Life has tried to deflect the question by asking if we would see a little more of the relationship between Stiles and Lydia, from the perspective of the banshee, but unfortunately, the same answer came. This does not bode well … Anyway, we wait to see the next episodes of Teen Wolf looming very moving because it is the final season of the TV show. Until we have more details, see when the season returns 6B Teen Wolf!