Teen Wolf: The Werewolf Series, Group 2 Favorite?

Cinema 20 June, 2017

The 2017 World Cup is launched! Moreover, Teen Wolf seems to be the favorite of group 2. Discover its strengths and weaknesses!
It’s the summer event and it’s there! The 2017 World Cup is in full swing on melty . 35 series are competing, integrated into eight different groups. In addition, little novelty of the year, melty created a special hen for the summer series. But then, for this new edition, who could climb to the top of the standings? If Gray’s Anatomy seems to be the favorite of Group 1 , Teen Wolf seems to have every chance against his opponents of Group 2. The series to the werewolves gathered an exemplary community of fans and is adored by the public. In addition, this season 6 of Teen Wolf has managed to put us in full view of the Season Premiere at the Mid-Season Finale.
This year, Teen Wolf faces Agents of SHIELD, Pretty Little Liars and Luke Cage . His three rivals all deserve to win but it is true that Teen Wolf has had an incredible start to Season 6, plus the first pictures of the suites are crazy and intense . The writers managed to touch us deep inside us and the plot on Stiles and the Ghost Riders was really very successful. In addition, we must not forget that we are watching the final episodes of Jeff Davis’s TV show and for that reason, Teen Wolf deserves to go far in the competition. Could she even win the Series World Cup? Scott, Lydia, Stiles and the rest of the packs will they knock out their opponents? Everything is possible because you decide . You can vote every day for your favorite series by clicking HERE! Nothing is played in advance and everything can switch to the last second. If you want to take Teen Wolf to the gates of victory, you know what you have to do! Have your votes meltynautes! Would you like Teen wolf to win the game?