Teen Wolf, Westworld, The Walking Dead: Our Top Series of the month of November 2016!

Cinema 1 December, 2016

We invite you to discover our ranking of series that have marked us in the month of September 2016. So who will be number 1?
teen-wolf-saison-6-tw-mtv-stiles-dylan-oNovember is coming to an end and that means that we will gradually arrive in the winter hiatus – serial or empty – either this time of year when the opportunity to catch up on the current series or begin news. But meanwhile, this month has been rich sets of all kinds and it time to take stock of the series that marked November. This month has been particularly marked by the return of several series such as Teen Wolf, The Affair or Gilmore Girls, which were added to others already in hand. Once again, it was not easy to separate the different shows and we kept those he had absolutely not miss. Then discover without further delay our Top Series of November 2016:
10 – Teen Wolf
November was marked in particular by the start of the sixth and final season of Teen Wolf , MTV series fantasy, and the least we can say is that the first episodes did not disappoint the fans . If the hearings, they are not at the rendezvous, action, suspense and emotion are in the first three episodes. Ghost Riders, also creepy qu’intrigants have left the group without one of them. Certainly the disappearance of Stiles fact that the character is sorely lacking in the series, but it allows the season to play the nostalgia card and propose an original plot. Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to delve into the supernatural world of Beacon Hill and currently we are not disappointed with what we offer screenwriters .
9 – Designated Survivor
The plot is growing in Designated Survivor and that is not displeasing to us. The series continues ABC us walk the first steps of Tom Kirkman as President of the United States, and the least we can say is that it’s not easy. Every time we seem to be a little closer to the truth, that’s a new detail is added and it is almost back to square one. Designated Survivor is not without reminding us somewhat Season 1 of Homeland , which was particularly exciting to follow. Despite two episodes a little less demanding than the previous, the series continues to offer us well-crafted plot and nothing is done to show that the President of job is easy – on the contrary . So we approach the final mid-season, we expect great revelations or even a big cliffhanger and we can not wait!
8 – The Flash
After a rather quiet beginning, the intrigues of Season 3 of The Flash are finally taking the thickness while Barry actions are gradually beginning to be questioned. No more perfect and flawless heroes, it feels good having that Barry is not so smooth it and his friends also become aware. If Caitlin had a somewhat passive role last season, and we are pleased to see that this is not the case this season, thanks to the plot of Killer Frost. The powers it has developed add real depth to her character and that’s really the best points of this season. This third season of The Flash finally takes depth and if we add to this the pleasure of this crossover event held this week and so we have already seen half, it really is a good month for the series . Certainly, it is in the same place as last month in the top, but that’s only because new series have emerged.
7 – Supergirl
This second season of Supergirl is really a happiness to follow each week. There is no denying it, the level is really mounted between season 1 and season 2 and we appreciate the fact that the series takes the time to develop the characters and suggest intrigues “human” in addition to all superhero intrigue and aliens. Especially applauded what the writers are doing with the character of Alex Danvers, which is certainly one we prefer. The arrival of Mon-El was also beneficial for the series because it brings a lot of humor and emotions. Finally, there was concern that the absence of Cat will make too feel as she does not even see himself. If the series continues to offer us as exciting intrigues touching while having a link with what is happening in modern society, we will be entitled to a great second season.
6 – Grey’s Anatomy
This month, Grey’s Anatomy still down a bit in our top … If the series of Shonda Rhimes remains one of the things we expect most to watch each week, we must admit that this first part of the season is much less exciting than last year. Medical intrigues really take precedence over personal intrigues and unfortunately the imbalance really feels . In addition, many storylines are just repetitions of things we have seen in other seasons. Alex’s is certainly original, but it is far from the most attractive. Admittedly, sometimes a little bored and we really hope that the second season of game will be more eventful.
5 – This Is Us
In this season, This Is Us has replaced Grey’s Anatomy in our hearts for what is emotion . NBC family drama is still as exciting to follow and please us by the simplicity of his plots and engaging characters. Moreover, the fact that we still know all the secrets of this family adds a bit of spice because wants to know how the triplets and parents got there. The series addresses the small to small mysteries by providing a logical construction and mirroring between flashbacks and the present. Certainly the series goes down a bit in our rankings, but that’s just because he really has been heavy this month. Thanksgiving episodes we had our bunch and there is much to say our favorite this year is the This is Us . Then, given the fact that audiences, the series has a good chance of being renewed.
4 – The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead continues its seventh season with sometimes uneven but always entertaining and promising episodes. Now that the surrounding communities were presented, Rick and his group will be working to possible alliances to tackle Negan and Saviors and start a new phase in the series. If we wait to see the different planes of the characters for themselves from Negan, we must admit that the transformation of Rick proved bluffing and hope still see a little more the impact of the arrival of the big bad on the other characters in the sequel.
3 – Westworld
While the first season of Westworld coming to an end on HBO – since the season finale will air next Sunday in the United States – could not not put it in our Top 3 November. Yet more than ever, Westworld is the serial slap of school. Between mysteries, murders and turnaround of all kinds, the series continues to play with our certainties and beliefs , so much so that at the final episode, it is not yet clear that what it is . The season finale we hope will answer all the same to most of our questions, in particular regarding the identity of the Man in Black. One thing is certain, if you did not put in Westworld, it’s now or never, besides most series have or will begin their winter hiatus.
2 – How to Get Away with Murder
This early season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder is a real achievement. Between writing that is still relevant and the actors who constantly surprise us, we can only bow. Every time we think the show can no longer surprise, she managed a coup and put in the trash all the certainties that we could get. The final twist of the mid-season is also proof. Not that the victim of the fire we expect is it and we are still reeling from this revelation . Moreover, the scene where we discover everything was as beautiful as overwhelming. It is hoped that the second part of season 3 will continue on the same path and will continue to manage both the time between business, development of characters and plot “red line” .
1 – Gilmore Girls
The Revival of Gilmore Girls is sériephile event of November and how not to put on the first step of our podium! Despite its flaws, the new season of the series of Amy Sherman-Palladino has been a real joy to follow. We had four episodes of 90 minutes each, in which we were able to find Lorelai, Rory, Emily and all the residents of Stars Hollow. It goes without saying that the emotion was at the rendezvous when we could wander again the streets of this unique city. Amid violent series, suspense or with superheroes, it’s nice to be able to regain that its strength lies in particular its simplicity . Gilmore Girls is a series “security blanket” and we look to feel good. From that side, there is no doubt that the Revival held his bet. If some are still frustrated by the end rather abruptly, they can not deny that it did a lot of good to get girls Gilmore. What is your Top Series of November 2016?