Ten days before the death of Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Claude Darmon was made in Saint-Barth to arrange his funeral – Gala

Entertainment 14 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

It was really the last will of Johnny Hallyday : based in Saint-Barth. Ten days before his death, his friend Jean-Claude Darmon made it to the island to organize the funeral, and negotiate the location of the tomb.

“When really I won’t be able to sing, I’ll go to my house in Saint Barth, I will take my guitar and I will watch the sea. This is where I would like to quietly end my life “. In an interview given to Paris Match in 2015, Johnny Hallyday already declared that it wants to make Saint-Barth to its last resting place. In its latest issue, the magazine reveals how the rocker has discovered the cemetery of Lorient, on his island, during a ride with his friend Daniel Angeli, to whom he then declared : ” well ! It remains for us to purchase two concessions here “ – he was especially amused by the presence, right next to a restaurant named ” Jojo Burger “.

To the fans who doubt, who think that sit-to-St-Barth was not the will of Johnny Hallyday, the singer has therefore already responded. Ten days before his death, his friend Jean-Claude Darmon made it to the island, according to information from Paris Match, and has “negotiated the location of the last remains” of the rocker. And ensured that the burial would be ” in the most strict intimacy “. This was finally the case on 11 December, in contrast with the great tribute popular of 9 December, during which a million people gathered to honor the memory of Johnny Hallyday.

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