Tests of medicine : the Igas opened an inquiry into the “fiasco”

Health 28 June, 2017


Published the 28.06.2017 at 11h54


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The anger of the carabins was heard. After the fiasco of the events classantes national (ECNi), the ministers of higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, and the minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, have assured the medical students that they ” will ensure that light be shed on these failures is unacceptable “.

Last week, the 8,900 students had to iron two events cancelled because several of the topics had already been presented to students during exams white. An error already committed in the contest of the boarding school in 2016.

Infuriated, the students, by the voice of the national Association of medical students of France (ANEMF) have called for sanctions and measures ” to ensure that it never happens again “. A demand also expressed by the conference of deans of faculties of medicine.

In response, the ministries have promised that an investigation Igas/IGAENR (1) will be launched. It will need to identify ” prior to September 15, the causes of these troubles and the ways to avoid their recurrence “.

Reform the contest of the boarding school

The ANEMF and the departments have also agreed on the need to put online the records so that all candidates have equal access, as well as the interest of evolving the organization of the contest of the boarding school. Thus, in the next ECN, the subjects will be isolated in order to ” help in cases of difficulty not to redial a folder and not a group of six folders. “.

The ministers also expressed support for a substantive reform of this review responsible to assign a specialty to each student. “The fact that a single test determines their professional project, so that it evaluate, by definition, only a small part of their skills, constitutes a source of additional stress for future physicians,” they explained.

A ministerial mission should be “entrusted to a personality” to improve the conditions of the evaluation. The proposals should be made for the end of the year, ” said ANEMF.


(1) general Inspection of social affairs / general Inspectorate of the administration of the national education and research