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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


Guest of Bernard Montiel on MFM Radio, the comedian Elie Semoun has provided support for Tex, the host of the Z’amours has been ousted from the show after a joke sexist.

The debate continues. The facilitator of My love for 17 years has recently been sacked by France Télévisions after a joke about battered women. After having been defended by Anne Roumanoff, Jean-Luc Reichmann, Tex can count on a new support in the person of Elie Semoun. The comedian has irked the treatment suffered by the presenter and has angrily blasted the attitude of some users.

“I do not share all [his] humor. So far, I like it a lot, we know each other for a long time… ” said Elie Semoun at the antenna of MFM Radio. “The joke, I do not endorse really. But, I don’t understand the outcry that there are around it, as I don’t understand the outcry that there are around the photo of Griezmann who dresses in black to pay tribute to a basketball player. It’s starting to me piss off ! ” explained the actor, referring to the photo published by the attacker of the team of France disguised as a basketball player black.

Elie Semoun has a target that is very accurate : some people who have fun to take offence to everything. “In general, when you have insults on the Internet, it is always the same. That is to say, guys who do not know how to write the French, of the mental defectives in spelling ” assured the star. “I think they also make spelling mistakes in their head and also in the way that they have to think,” said Elie Semoun, obviously very wound up. “They can’t tell the difference between the first and the second degree” he concluded. There can be no doubt, his comments should make him react on the Canvas.


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