That: Pennywise in his element on a new terrifying photo

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Get ready to have nightmares as a new photo of Pennywise in the remake of It has just been unveiled.

AU. RESOURCES. If you are afraid of clowns, 2017 promises to be a busy year for you adrenaline as the clown of the most terrifying film history will be back in theaters in It and as you will discover with photo Recently unveiled, it is more terrifying than ever. This is Andrés Muschietti , to whom we owe the film Mama , who slipped behind the camera and that is the actor Bill Skarsgård who will terrify us with the features or rather the makeup Pennywise. As much to say that psychologically, one is not too ready! The film was announced for September 20, 2017 and on the recently unveiled photo, we find the clown of our nightmares in his favorite decor, the sewers!
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We’re going to have nightmares
Pennywise feeds on fear and misery and he will not be shy in front of the camera. The director announced: “Pennywise shows, it is central to the plot and it made his show he has a plan Everything is always strange, every detail announces a major threat..” . We are warned! Meanwhile more details on the film, the This location photos are already available.