That: The film is already breaking records

Cinema 3 April, 2017

Will this reboot be a success at the World Box Office? One thing is for sure, the trailer scores suggest the best.
Pennywise is still far from the dark rooms, but he’s already talking a lot about him! The famous Clown born of the worrying imagination of Stephen King offers a reboot and last week a scary first trailer of It was unveiled . The good news for the one who terrifies the small town of Derry is that he had a great success on the web! Yes, the first trailer of the film directed by Andrés Muschietti became the most seen trailer in 24h thus dethroning Fast and Furious 8 and La Belle et La Bête ! In just one day, the trailer reached the 197 million, more than 60 million views as the trailer of the next Fast and Furious record holder .
Obviously people are eager to find the scary clown that hides behind red balloons and who takes on the small children … It must be said that the trailer is very successful and we really find the atmosphere of the novel , With a small side Stranger Things that made a carton on Netflix last year. Spectators obviously need a bit of thrill … Even Stephen King has admitted that it was very successful , so if the King himself says it is believed!