The 100: Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and the other big favorites of group 7!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

More than a day before the knockout round, and you are told why Clarke and the other characters in The 100 are the favorites of their group.
The first week of our 2017 World Cup is over and you know what it means: the first round is over! To make sure your favorite series is moving to the next stage, it’s time to vote here . While waiting for the results, we propose you to return on the group 7 and on his great favorite before Riverdale, Quantico and Supernatural: The 100 . According to our latest estimates, the CW Riverdale was slightly ahead of the CW but the two series are neck-to-neck with your votes if you want The 100 to come out ahead. Because after a season 3 disappointing, it is a season 4 more coherent and sympathetic to see that offered us the writers.
This science fiction series tells of the adventures of young survivors who have become accustomed to habitat on Earth after having lived in space. The imminent arrival of a new apocalypse in season 4 has allowed to accelerate a bit the rhythm of the series despite a certain air of déjà vu. If Clarke still had to be the one who saved his people, the balance with the other characters was more just and Bellamy, Octavia and Raven all took a primordial place in their survival at all . Although for some the series should have already stopped, its suspense and its endearing characters make it one of the favorites of the Series World Cup. Moreover The 100 has created the buzz with its many deaths and certain scenario risks, We think of the death of Lexa or of Lincoln and Roan. It is therefore an impressive fanbase that is mobilized for it. Patience, more than a few hours before knowing if she will continue the competition! And what is your favorite group 7 series?