The 100: Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Bob Morley (Bellamy) and the others laughing in the blooper of season 4

Cinema 19 July, 2017

The actors of The 100 miss you? To us too, luckily we can all see them smile on the lips in the bloopers of season 4!

We continue to wait for news of season 5 of The 100 and the Comic Con 2017 which approach should give us some. But today it is rather on season 4 that we will look at it because we propose to come back on episodes under tension with a smile thanks to the blooper of the season. Even if the series is very dark and dramatic, the actors manage to take advantage of the shooting and release the pressure during the missed catches and fortunately for us, all this remains on camera and allows us to laugh a good shot in season 5 The 100.

As you can see above, the atmosphere between Bob Morley (Bellamy), Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Lindsey Morgan (Raven), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia) and others is more than good and all actors agree In spite of the confrontations between their characters in the series. From forgotten lines to awkward to grimaces, everything is good to relax the atmosphere on the set and seen the intrigues of the series, we imagine that all this is beneficial or even indispensable to the whole team. In any case it will have made us laugh and while waiting for news of the sequel, the synopsis of the season 1 episode of The 100 is already released!