The 100, Empire, Unreal, Mr. Robot, Scandal … These series deserve a second chance in 2017!

Cinema 31 December, 2016

On the side of the disappointments of the year, the series escape and some of them have passed from geniales to bof in the space of a year. But we are not resentful and here are the series to which we grant a second chance for 2017!
The year 2016 has not always been synonymous with joy and beautiful things, and that is why we are ready to welcome 2017 with open arms. The series were not spared, and some were a real disappointment. You can also find Empire Scandal or The Vampire Diaries in our article on the most disappointing series of 2016 . But here we are, if we are ready to give a chance to 2017, it is also to give an opportunity to the series to do better. Sometimes the plots do not work, but that does not mean the series has to be canceled. Grey’s Anatomy us has already proven several times by providing us with really average season and returning to the top of the season after. Here are the series for which we hope to have the same impression in 2017:
Mr. Robot
After a first season widely acclaimed by critics and the public, Mr. Robot offered a season 2 below notably because of its construction a bit jerky. Despite the revelations, sometimes not quite unexpected and rough, the series offered us moments a little too long. It still remains a great success and we just expect of season 3 that the rhythm is more regular in order to offer us more balanced episodes.
La première saison d’UnREAL avait été notre coup de cœur de l’été et on ne peut pas en dire autant de la saison 2. Si elle avait pourtant bien commencé, très vite les intrigues ce sont éparpillées et nous ont laissé avec un goût d’inachevé. On pense notamment à l’intrigue autour de la fusillade des policiers sur Romeo, le cousin de Darius. L’intrigue a été mal traitée de bout en bout, notamment parce qu’elle servait le personnage de Rachel au lieu d’apporter un véritable regard critique sur ce qu’il se passe aux Etats-Unis en ce moment. Cette intrigue n’est qu’un échantillon de ce qui n’allait pas dans la saison 2 et on espère vraiment que la saison 3 sera à l’effigie de la première.
It’s been a few seasons already that Scandal offers us saw-toothed intrigues, sometimes with episodes of genius and sometimes episodes of deep boredom. The problem ? A lack of originality and renewal notably because of intrigues as the B613 and everything that revolves around Rowan Pope and Jake Ballard . The latter is a real puppet and it seems that, whether in the series or in reality, he is used to fill the gaps. Episode 1 of season 6 of Scandal will be released on 19 January, and is expected to change the situation!
The 100
Series The 100 has done much talk about it last year. First of all, because after an impeccably built season, we waited for his return as the messiah, then everything collapsed. From the beginning, we felt that the series no longer took the time to pose its plots and explore its characters, notably because of this significant leap in time. From there, it’s gone from bad to worse by creating a lackluster villain – Pike – and making Bellamy even more detestable guy at the beginning of season 1. The death of Lexa remains today biggest mistake of the series, both in terms of the plot than on the necessity of representation in the series . Will Season 4 succeed in making us forget all this?
The FOX series, Empire was a real revelation in its first season. Unfortunately, when one has the eyes bigger than the belly, sometimes one makes too much. By adding the guest stars and plots too farfetched – even for a soap – Empire lost its charm and quality in season 2. This early season 3 is currently not much better. Fortunately, we can always count on Taraji P. Hensen who remains perfect in Cookie . We are hopeful that the second part of season 3 will go up the level, as even the hearings begin to suffer.
Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead
Ces deux séries ont d’ores et déjà commencé leurs nouvelles saisons cet automne, mais que ce soit pour Grey’s Anatomy ou The Walking Dead, la déception est au rendez-vous. Après de très bonnes saison 12 et 6, les deux séries nous offrent des débuts de saisons bien en-dessous ce qu’on a l’habitude de voir. Certes, elles restent deux séries de qualité qu’on apprécie regarder, mais l’ennui qu’on ressent devant les épisodes est assez flagrant. On espère alors de tout cœur que les scénaristes vont se reprendre pour la deuxième partie de saison. Sachez que vous pouvez d’ailleurs retrouver le synopsis de l’épisode 10 de la saison 13 de Grey’s Anatomy, sur melty. Quelles sont les séries auxquelles vous allez accorder une seconde chance en 2017 ?