The 100: Lexa, Lincoln, Maya … The characters we miss the most!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

While Season 5 of The 100 will not be released until 2018, let’s go back to all those characters who have disappeared and we miss them terribly!
We miss them! Yes, the meltynauts, if we always knew that the apocalyptic series of the CW was going to have to separate from several of its characters, the pain was not relieved. It must be said that The 100 has the mad faculty to allow us to attach very quickly to his characters. And even after years, hard to recover from the loss of some of them . While Melty’s editor wondered how others would react to Madi in season 5 of The 100 , let’s get back to the characters in the series that we miss most since their death!
Without doubt, the magnificent commander is the one that most misses the fans. Killed tragically in the middle of the third season, she had managed to make a huge place in the hearts of the fans of the show. It must be said that his character had been perfectly developed by Jason Rothenberg and that his relationship with Clarke was downright exciting . If we were very happy to see her again in the Season Finale of the third season, she deserved much better.
First Grounder to have found his place among the Sky People, he was open-minded and offered us a magnificent model of tolerance. And of course, how about not mentioning his relationship with Octavia? She, who had lived a real hell as a child, knew how to regain confidence alongside this warrior strong and terribly in love with her . His death is still a real tear for the fans of the show.
Maya made her first appearance in the second season. If she was part of Mount Weather, she immediately decided to side with the Sky People risking her life several times to save them. Sharing a pretty story with Jasper, she unfortunately ended up being exposed to radiation . A terrible death from which our hero has never truly recovered, losing the joy of life that characterized him so much.
Appearing at the beginning of the third season, Roan had quickly taken an important place in the intrigues. A character as loyal as he was charismatic, there was still a fine dynamic between Clarke and himself . So we were very disappointed to see him die this season in the episode where the fighters of each clan clashed. We are confident that he still had many stories to tell.
Jasper was first the sunbeam of the first two seasons. Full of humor and self-derision, the young man managed to make us smile even in the worst moments and there was in The 100 . But after Maya’s death, it was as if he had died out. Unable to overcome his disappearance, he knew how to touch us because it represented perfectly what may be a mourning in the real life. That does not mean that he will miss us a lot!
Yes, we are talking about a character who was murdered from the first episodes of the show but we remain convinced that it had enormous potential . Fully committed to Clarke, he was arrested so that he could follow her on earth before confessing that he was not responsible for his father’s death but that he was guilty of protecting the Clarke and his mother. An incredible sacrifice that makes us sad that we did not know him more. What character do you miss most?