The 100 Season 3: Episodes 3 and 4, that he will spend the next week on SyFy?

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Season 3 of The 100 continues next week on SyFy with the release of episodes 3 and 4. But what will he spend it?
the-100-saison-3-france-3x03-3x04-seasonTonight SyFy finally launched Season 3 of The 100 in France with the release of Episodes 1 and 2 . Entitled “Wanheda” this double episode allowed us to find our heroes some time after the events of the end of season 2. It was found that Clarke lived a hidden life as a result of the reputation it has created while Jaha, he had discovered the City of Lights in the company of AL.IE, artificial intelligence very mysterious … We understand very quickly that the City of Lights and the Nation of Mirrors will be particularly developed in the coming episodes . In short, this early season 3 is the successful moment and it is time for the editorial ‘of melty propose you to learn more than what will happen next Tuesday in episodes 3 and 4 of this new chapter in your favorite show.
When we meet again the series in seven days, Clarke will struggle with the decision to join the Grounders and be part of the coalition against Ice Nation. It must be said that the young woman did not fully trust Lexa who betrayed her at the end of season 2. And one understands! Meanwhile, Murphy will continue to plot against Jaha is particularly obsessed with the City of Lights. In Arkadia, tension will rise gradually with Pike determined not to comply with the peace Grounders … Two episodes to find out in a week on SyFy and it tells you, are inevitable. Meanwhile, discover our Top Series in October 2016. Are you excited to see more?