The 100 Season 4: After Clarke and Lexa, who will be THE couple in the series?

Cinema 18 January, 2017

Abby and Kane, Murphy and Emori, Monty and Harper … Season 4 of The 100 comes soon and with her a bunch of new couples!
There are only a few days before discovering the season premiere of season 4 of The 100 with promo pictures are available on melty. We continue to help you to wait until February 1, with now about Jason Rothenberg who spoke to Entertainment Weekly about couples of the series. Obviously one most missed is “Clexa”, the couple formed by Clarke and Lexa in Season 3 but from the showrunner, the presence of Lexa continue to be felt in the suite . “Lexa was the love of his life but Clarke was only 18 years old. We move on, we learn to compartmentalize but we do not forget. We must never forget the person” . In spite of his disappearance, Lexa will continue to influence Clarke in his decisions, especially in his efforts to transcend the clans. “Lexa helped her to see the world differently and vice versa, and yet we still have to go ahead and that is what Clarke will do, but I will not say whether it will happen this season or not “.
But the deaths of Lexa and Lincoln do not mean that The 100 will be totally devoid of romance as much as other couples have formed over the episodes. “We will see the relationship of Abby Kane and develop. And Monty Harper and Murphy and Emori are also real couples of the series” . As usual, however, relationships between the characters will not be the center of intrigues and Jason Rothenberg points out that the series is not a soap opera . “It’s a show about survival and always will be. But in life we fall in love and form relationships and this is also true for the characters” . It remains to be seen who will remain alive until the end of the season and who will also face terrible hardships. The following looks at all well hectic case and pending its broadcast on the CW, we wondered who was Ilan, the Grounder could go after Clarke and Bellamy in season 4 of The 100 . And you, what is your favorite couple in the series?