The 100 Season 4: Bellamy and Clarke will again move together after Bobby Morley

Cinema 10 November, 2016

After March 1 eventful season for the duo, Bellamy and Clarke should get along again in Season 4 of The 100.

the-100-saison-4-episode-1-spoilers-videoWe continue to help you to wait until 2017 and after that will be asked if Luna was to be Commander in season 4 of The 100 , small back today on new information about Clarke and Bellamy. The shooting of the suite allows us indeed to know a little more and the young Australian actor Bobby Morley recently spoke about what awaited her character, Bellamy Blake in Season 4. He began by noting that the nuclear threat weighing on the Earth would be felt from the first season and the tension would be to go all season . This tension will just allow Bellamy and Clarke to form the duo again we loved so much in Season 2. “I feel that Bellamy and Clarke worked then they were each on their own and in season 4 they will be together again ” , ready to work miracles we hope.

It may in any case be delighted to see them work together again because that’s how they were able to really advance and protect their clan. This will enable us probably see Bellamy of redemption also has very quickly begun in the end of season 3. Bobby Morley also stressed that there is with Clarke that Bellamy can really open up and show its vulnerability and the strong friendship between the two young people will be probably brought to be further explored in later . Finally the young man Tease many scenes between Bellamy and Roan afterwards because as some of you know, Zach McGowan passed regular actor in the cast and Roan should have a fairly important role in future episodes. While waiting to know what might happen in these famous scenes, discover some clues that indicate that Octavia could have a new love story in Season 4 of The 100 ! What do you think?