The 100 season 4: Bellamy and Octavia, Jason Rothenberg tease their future!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

A few weeks before the start of season 4 of The 100, the showrunner Jason Rothenberg teases what awaits the Blake family in the sequel.
The year 2017 is soon there and with it the return of Clarle Griffin, Bellamy Blake and others. Meanwhile far, melty continues to help you and then we wait you revealed there is little about the marie avgeropoulos that Octavia will not hesitate to kill people in season 4 of The 100 , it is now The words of the creator of the Jason Rothenberg series. He recently spoke to TVLine Blake and what awaits them in the suite and a priori, the drama is always on the menu . “Octavia’s plot is extraordinary in Season 4. She has a beautiful trajectory waiting for her and things will darken before she gets better. She’s going to make a little detour in the world of assassins and she will do all it can to try to forget the grief caused by the death of Lincoln ” .
The young woman has indeed lost the one she considered her only family and thus finds herself again without tribe. “She still thinks his brother is responsible for too many things. Bellamy and Octavia will have to work on their relationship. And Bellamy will have to realize that Octavia is his own person and has to leave the handle things alone” . Bellamy defines herself very much in relation to her sister and considers that she has a duty as a relative to her. “But like all parents, he will have to let go and let her fend for herself,” says Jason Rothenberg. This means that the task will not be easy for the young man who guards his little sister for years . But given what they did and went through, it seems essential that Octavia like Bellamy take time for them before rebuilding their fraternal relationship. Until we know how it happens, know that many deaths are already expected in Season 4 of The 100! What do you think about Jason Rothenberg?