The 100 Season 4: Clarke and Bellamy reconciled, new clans … 3 things you would see in the trailer!

Cinema 1 December, 2016

Months before the diffusion of the season 4 of The 100 and having finally had its release date, one wonders what could see in the trailer!

the-100-saison-4-episode-1-spoilers-videoMonths pass and we continue to take our troubles patiently before Season 4 of The 100 whose return date has finally been unveiled . Series Jason Rothenberg returns on 1 February 2017 on The CW for a fourth season we hope to live up since the release date was pushed back a few months compared to previous seasons. Until we know what it holds, we propose to speculate a little on the trailer because we know through twitter account team that is in full preparation. Although its release date is not known, it is hoped that the trailer of Season 4 will show us, first, what is really the new nuclear threat could further devastate once Earth. Indeed, in the season finale, Clarke has learned that a new nuclear disaster prepared but it preferred to keep this information for her.
We would therefore like to see discussed with his group and with it, know exactly what is happening in all remaining nuclear sites, why they could destroy life on Earth and how the survivors could prevent this. The second thing we want to see is in line with these questions since hope this new problem will force Sky People to better collaborate and approach the other clans. The ideal would be to see Clarke and Bellamy again work together – because that is how they are most effective – and a glimpse of the other clans that should be introduced in the next season . Finally, the third thing we would see is a promise of light, a sign that shows us that indeed the season 4 will be dramatic, but not without funny scenes or a little lighter than what we had season 3 Free. Although the tone of the series is generally dramatic, one must admit that offering moments of respite characters can be very profitable and fun to the screen. Until we know what we actually see in the trailer, we wondered whether Octavia was going to be pregnant in Season 4 of The 100 ! And you, what would you see in the trailer?