The 100 season 4: Dead, tears, laughter and blood in an unprecedented and completely crazy trailer

Cinema 12 January, 2017

While The 100 season 4 will be launched in three weeks in the US, discover a new crazy trailer for the next episodes.
On Wednesday 1 February the CW finally launch the new season of The 100. This year, the science fiction aspects developed during the season 3 will put some aside to return to the basics of the show. If survival has always been a key point in the series, it will be the heart of the intrigue this year as our heroes will face the greatest danger they had ever known: a new Apocalypse . This fourth chapter will see Clarke, Bellamy, Indra, Kane and all the others trying to find a solution after the revelations of ALIE during the final season 3 in which it announced that nuclear reactors would soon explode and make all fart on the way. The first trailer for Season 4 of The 100 unveiled a few weeks ago announced episodes tense for our heroes, but the new trailer unveiled by CW changed his tune.
Here we can see deaths, cries, tears and tears, there is nevertheless a light atmosphere that emanates from this trailer. So no, The 100 has not turned into comedy, but one must admit that the tone in this new minute of new images is quite successful . In any case, we see that love will be present in season 4, as will fate for some and resentment for others. As much to say that we can not wait to watch this fourth part. Meanwhile, discover details of a new character from Season 4 of The 100. What do you think of this trailer?