The 100 season 4: Episode 1, many teasers and spoilers on the premiere season!

Cinema 30 January, 2017

Two days before the release of episode 1 of season 4 of The 100, discover many spoilers and details on the premiere season!
We’re almost there, the meltynauts! It’s Wednesday night that season 4 of The 100 will be launched on the CW and excitement is clearly at its height. The wait has been long and the two days that separate us from the launch of this new chapter are the most difficult to pass. But do not panic: many spoilers just been revealed on the season premiere, entitled “Echoes” . As you already know, it will resume a few minutes after the events of the finale of season 3. We will find our heroes in Polis, where the chaos took place. Not only did people regain consciousness after being bogged down in the City of Lights – they are now re-sensitive to physical and mental pain – but on top of that, they learn that a new Apocalypse will point the tip of her nose. Clearly, this is not the best of situations, so we will see violent behavior – there will be a real bloodbath – and panicked . Things will eventually calm down when someone decides that he is now the one who will control Polis (a leader is needed to ease tensions).
We will see in episode 1 of season 4 of The 100 : Clarke will be particularly affected by the decisions it had taken in the past and the people she lost (including Lexa). But she can not let herself down and she will continue to take a leadership role. Fortunately for her, our heroine will be able to count on Bellamy. Like her, the beautiful boy played by Bob Morley will have to live with his choices and now he wants to be someone better. For his part, Octavia will be totally different. After witnessing the execution of Lincoln and after killing Pike, the pretty brunette will find a new place in this world . She will be known as “Skairipa” and we will discover a stronger and more intelligent woman who will find herself a major actress in the new political stability of Polis. We are given appointments on Wednesday for the distribution of episode 1 of season 4 of The 100, whose promo photos are available on melty! What do you expect from “Echoes”?